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CEO: Philip du Plessis | Kromco

Philip du Plessis

Information Technology Manager: Rupert Swanepoel | Kromco

Rupert Swanepoel
I.T. Manager

Grower Accounting Manager: Marietjie Theron | Kromco

Marietjie Theron
Grower Accounting Manager

Human Resources Manager: Sebastian Schippers | Kromco

Sebastian Schippers
HR Manager


Wiehahn Smit
Financial Manager and Company Secretary

Marketing Manager: Francois Roux | Kromco

Francois Roux
Marketing Manager

Market Access Manager: Hennie Claassens | Kromco

Hennie Claassens
Market Access Manager

Marketing Manager: Johan van Zyl | Kromco

Johan van Zyl
Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager: Luckhoff Scheepers | Kromco

Luckhoff Scheepers
Marketing Manager


Emmanuel Mado
Marketing Manager: Local


Angelique Pretorius
Technical Manager

Operations Manager: Constant Smit | Kromco

Constant Smit
Operations Manager

Logistics Manager: Harm Coetzee | Kromco

Harm Coetzee
Logistics Manager

Production Manager: Riaan Muller | Kromco

Riaan Meyer
Production Manager

Quality Manager: Lohan Bester | Kromco

Lohan Bester
Quality Manager

Wikkus-Otto (1)

Wikus Otto
Engineering Manager

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