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Fruit Packing

Kromco’s operations, consists of the sorting, packing and on-site logistical functions to handle our fruit. Together they form a tightly bound unit, working closely together with Marketing and Quality Assurance to ensure we adhere to and exceed our customer’s expectations while managing inputs to ensure optimising our value chain.

We believe our biggest asset is the people involved in our day to day operations; our staff and all other stakeholders in our business. Together they ensure that we seamlessly handle and deliver our fruit to the customer as fresh as possible.

Our process flow starts at fruit receival from the producing units. The fruit is stored in short term (RA) or long term (CA) storage after which it will be sorted and packed to the specifications of the market. Before shipment, the packed fruit is re-cooled and stored in our high-density finished goods area, ensuring adherence to strict protocols. All functions are supported by our state of the art IT system, giving us full traceability on carton level.

Apples are pre-sorted and electronically graded with the latest technology, giving us the ability to add the maximum value to our customers, both on quality and timing into the market. Our pack house can handle numerous varieties, qualities and pack configurations with the necessary flexibility to service our customers’ needs without compromising on quality, speed and cost.

We are proud of our abilities and infrastructure, and continuously strive to be the best choice to our producers, staff and customers.

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